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We had an opportunity to host a basketball themed art show by a very talented artist named Gustav Gauntlett.   Check out his Hoops Artist Facebook Page and support his art. He's doing some really cool stuff. This was a 'pop up' exhibition for a week in April 2015.   He assembled about a dozen artists and created an eclectic variety of mediums all revolving around a basketball theme.  

The highlight of the exhibition came during his two receptions.   Both nights he showcased the artists and also invited youth basketball organizations Top Flight and South Bay Scholars to honor their leaders. 

On the first night, former Warriors alumni Adonal Foyle came by to talk to the kids.   Great guy who understands the importance of giving back and making it out to the smaller events.   They had a 'design your own sneaker' contest and showed highlights of Mr. Foyle from his days as a Warrior. It was awesome!  On the second night, about a hundred kids came out and the energy in the gallery was insane.  Kids and their parents came to paint, play, and look at art.  It was a true community event.  

Much respect to Gus aka Hoops Artists for bringing it all together.  Peace and Love.

A giant sculpture made of over 40 basketballs. - Hoops Artist

Kids painting their own sneaker!
The finalists!
<![CDATA[Bridge Ladies]]>Tue, 24 Mar 2015 03:59:52 GMThttp://svartgal.weebly.com/stories/day-2-bridge-ladiesEvery other Wednesday or so, I get a call from a group of sweet older ladies who want to reserve the 'book' area to play bridge.  They're one of my favorite groups who patronize the cafe.  They'll come in at 10am and play bridge for a about 2 hours, have lunch, and then play for another 2 hours before taking off.   They're just the sweetest group of ladies ever.  They love cheesecake, cookies, and sorbet for dessert and always have huge smiles whenever they come to play.  Here's to you ladies!
<![CDATA[Canvas Open Mic]]>Sat, 21 Mar 2015 23:10:40 GMThttp://svartgal.weebly.com/stories/day-1-canvas-open-mic
Shortly after we opened our doors at the gallery,  My friend Gianfranco suggested the idea of starting an open mic to help bring more people to the gallery and create awareness.  We came up with the name 'The Canvas Open Mic' with our slogan, "We call ourselves the Canvas because it is the performers who give us shape and color".  We allow and support all varieties of art: Music, Poetry, Comedy, Dance, etc..and I think that's what makes us unique.
At first we used a small guitar amp as our sound system and it was just myself and a few high school buddies who performed at the open mic.  Same songs and same poems but we kept it up.  For weeks no one came and my folks had urged us to stop since it was "wasting electricity".  To be honest it was a bit frustrating but Gianfranco suggested we try for another few weeks as we got the word out.  With the help from my friend Justin, we started hitting up other open mics and performed there while also advertising our open mic.   I believe it was our 7th week where we got our first 'stranger' who came through those doors to play. His name was David Warren, and he played a beautiful 45 minute open mic set of classical guitar.   It was so awesome! Then, another friend, James donated his church's old PA system and we had ourselves a legit open mic.  Another friend David who was an aspiring DJ, came to host each of the open mics and the four of us held it down every 1st and 3rd Thursdays for the local open mic community.

Soon afterwards the word spread and we were gaining a good following one person at a time.  We just had our 5 year anniversary of the open mic and it was wonderful.  Hundreds of performers have graced us with their performances, and it is definitely one of the high points and success stories of this gallery.   In the South Bay, there are a number of great open mics doing some really great things.   We never thought about competing with the other open mics but rather providing another space for artists to do their thing. 

From my experience, I think the reason why we've got such a nice thing going is because of our appreciation and support of artists to just go up an express themselves.  It can be odd and quirky, and sure, not everything is out of this world talent, but I've come to realize that our existence isn't for that.  It's a platform for people to try new things and know that they can freely express themselves and pursue their art in a comfortable environment.   "Just do you".  And to me, providing that platform for those few who appreciate it mean more than having  'great acts' all the time.  Not to say we don't have really good stuff coming through, I'm just saying I think that's what sets us apart.  You never know what you're gonna get, but we'll support and encourage you either way.

We've had number of great rotating hosts and features and its been a blessing to experience the growth of this open mic in it's entirety.  Special thanks to Corey and Magic as well as the countless other people involved in this open mic who help remind me why providing the space is important.  We'll keep it going until whether its one audience member or a hundred.

1st and 3rd Thursdays of every month
Sign ups at 7pm
Starts at 8pm

'Like' us on Facebook for updates: Canvas Open Mic
Check out our livestream:
Check out past performances on our YouTube page:
<![CDATA[Fremont Union High School District Art Showcase]]>Fri, 20 Mar 2015 05:32:47 GMThttp://svartgal.weebly.com/stories/30-days-of-bloggingFor the past 4 years we've had the honor to host the FUHSD Annual Art Showcase.   5 local high schools submit 60 artworks each from the top art students in their departments.  An eclectic show with paintings, sculpture, and unique installations, it's my favorite show of the year!  The kids are incredibly talented and it's great to see their creativity on display for the public.  After the installation, the gallery hosts the Awards Ceremony where administration members of the school board as well as the art department chairs give out awards like best in show, best 2D, and 3D, respectively.  Each show runs every April and I hope it's a partnership that will last for many years :)

<![CDATA[Jigsaw Canvas: 2015 Origins]]>Sat, 28 Feb 2015 02:44:40 GMThttp://svartgal.weebly.com/stories/jigsaw-canvas-2015-origins
Website: http://www.jigsawcanvas.com

Intro:  The concept of this show came from a previous idea of creating geometric shapes of canvases that weren't just squares and rectangles.  A few years ago I started working on some concept pieces with my friend Eric.  We made wooden frames and stretched canvas liner over them.  The process was strenuous and lengthy.  Sure we could make them, but at the time we felt would would never be able to mass produce the pieces.   This is what they looked like.  We realized that perhaps having wooden blocks as the canvases themselves would be faster to create and produce better results. 
Fast forward to last fall.  Every 6 months, SAG hosts a group of 30 art club representatives who meet for an Arts Summit.  They talk about all things art in our community and the various events that each group participates in.  I proposed the idea of a collective show that connected the bay area art clubs together.   They seemed excited but our gallery was too small to hold such a show.  Enter Jigsaw Canvas.  This was a great opportunity to try out the pieces in the real world. "Canvases that Connect".  The problem was to mass produce these canvases at high quality.

Then my friend Nick comes up with the great idea to produce the pieces with one of the machines from the TechShop.  Surely, one of the industrial machines could do the job.  After taking a few classes and experimenting with various machines like the Waterjet, we stumbled upon the ShopBot!
Now that we had our team of Nick, Eric, and I, we set out to put the show in action.  Nick used his talents and created the beautiful website and we started reaching out to various art entities and pumping out the blocks.  We felt we wanted to extend the invitation to beyond art clubs so we reached out to other galleries, schools, neighborhood groups, and businesses.  The results were a smashing success!

We collected  over 250 art submissions and we're still growing.  The show then evolved to benefit Sunnyvale Community Services and Second Harvest.  All proceeds from artworks sold were split between those 2 charities.  We made this show together...all of us.  Every one who participated!!  We were connecting the art community together to help the greater community.  

Our closing reception will take place March 28th, 2015.   

There's still time to participate if you want.  Order a block online or stop by the gallery to contribute the Jigsaw wall.